Scripture Scarf


Scripture Scarf is more than an accessory –
it’s a Bible study on a scarf!

2 scarves to choose from in 2 fabrics:
Names of God or Identity in Christ
Red Scarves – $16.99
All others now $19.99 Retirement Sale!!

Names of God scarf features 135 Bible Verses
displaying the attributes of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

Identity in Christ Scripture Scarf with over 125 Bible verses
for who God calls you and who you are in Christ.

Scripture Scarf linen Pashmina scarves available in these 6 colors.
Scripture Scarf Organic Cotton/Recycled Poly, available in 4 colors:

Scripture Scarf colors-Organic

Read the art for the Names of GodModelingID.SOI-BRNshowH265

Read the art for Identity in Christ

Original designs created by Jane Brown, President of Get It In Your Soul.  Waves of text resembling “streams of living water” as God’s Name is proclaimed in 135 scriptures as a reminder to you of His character and of how God reveals himself to us throughout the Bible. The Identity in Christ scarf has over 125 Bible verses!

Reminds you who you are & who He is!

Pray the scarf out loud (takes about 5 minutes) and notice a change in the spiritual atmosphere!  Reflecting on God’s Names or your Identity in Christ as you wear your scarf develops a deeper devotional connection deepening your relationship with God.

Do you see in yourself what God says about you?SON-PPL wearingV
Get the Identity in Christ Scarf

Do you see in God what He reveals about Himself?
Get the Names of God Scarf

Get to know God better.

Give something inspirational!

Wrap Mom or Grandma in God’s Word this Mother’s Day!

Here’s what customers had to say about the Scripture Scarves:

This is a very beautiful shawl. I love to wrap myself in it during prayer. I’ve purchase many shawls, I recently gave one away to a woman who needed healing for her son. I gave her the shawl and asked her to read the scriptures and believe that God is all those things, and capable of anything. I praise God that her son was healed. This shawl has been a blessing and a great way to witness to others. Makes a great gift too.  Dee Lee

I purchased this gift as a Christmas present for my mother, who enjoys spiritual gifts. She is a true gift to me and she cried when she opened this scarf. She also loved red, so that was the perfect color to pick. She had never seen anything like this and couldn’t wait to wear it. Thank you, Kristy G.

The quality of this Scripture Scarf is superb! I couldn’t be more happy. I use it as my prayer shawl and as a dress scarf. The scriptures printed on it, are just the right font size. Its a conversation piece for everyone who sees it. The service was right on time as promised. The product is a great gift for self and for someone you really care for. The owner and creator of this magnificent piece, sends you a personal note. That I loved! There are many more items I will buy in addition to another color scarf., the prayer bench/stool. Its great for my meditation. Check out “Get It In Your Soul, Inc” you wont regret it….MO

Get it in your soul sent this in a very timely manner. I love it. It was given as a gift and the lady that I gave it to really thought it was a special scarf. It’s not a real thick scarf, but it really is a fashion statement. It’s beautiful and will go with any color.  Katie D.

When I purchase this scarf I wanted something to drape across my shoulders when I pray. It is just the right size very soft and a beautiful reminder of Gods presence. You could also wear it as a decorative scarf and be a witness to His grace. You’ll love it!

Very nice, made great Christmas gifts to my bible study sisters in Christ.  Janice P.

It has been an amazing journey since 2005 when God called me to create products that would keep the word of God before us – Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all these years!!
XoXo in Him, Jane Brown, President (Retiring 12/31/2017!!)