Driving Reflections


Biblical Affirmations are a
Unique way to transform your thinking
– in your car!

Driving Reflections Biblical Affirmation in car

Sets of 16 messages lay on your dash and reflect on your windshield like a heads up display.

Uplifting messages for everyone.

Powerful affirmations based on Biblical truths NOW $6.99 ea.

12 BIBLICAL Titles or

What’s Driving Your Thoughts?


Rise above negative brain chatter and replace it with uplifting Biblical affirmations or inspirational affirmations.

Driving Reflections will help you think on and speak the good things God has for you in your life and your eternal destination.

Take ownership of your thoughts and your life!
Order Driving Reflections and
Get It In Your Soul today!
A unique and affordable inspirational gift for any occasion!
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It has been an amazing journey since 2005 when God called me to create products that would keep the word of God before us – Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all these years!!
XoXo in Him, Jane Brown, President (Retiring 12/31/2017!!)