Gospel story revealed in logo!


get it in your soul, the word of GodWhy is the logo a black dot in a white circle?  To reveal the gospel story!

The black dot represents the stain of sin in our human nature. It sits at the bottom because of the fall.

The white circle represents the light of God surrounding us in His loving light. His redemptive activity lifts the under part of the ball. Through the light of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God washes away the sin (Acts 22:16)…makes us white as snow (Is. 1:18)…makes us clean by the Word (Jn.15:3). Thus, the white letters in the black dot.

The text is tilted because we no longer depend on ourselves, but yield toward God, in whom we live and breathe and have our being.

As Stanley Grenz says about our human identity and origin in God,
“Sin is fundamentally a denial of our own legitimate father. Sin severs what was designed to be a familial tie. But, sin doesn’t leave a person fatherless. On the contrary, it entails the formation of an illegitimate familial bond. See Jesus’s stinging remark, “You belong to your father the devil.” John 8:44 When humans forsake their divine family, they encounter the lineage of the chief rebel, Satan.” [1]

Sin moves us from relationship with God to separation and autonomy. But, “We are created to be incarnate “words” of God.”[2] This is why it is important that we get IT in our souls, the living and active Word of God. Heb. 4:12

There’s one more thing. Are you familiar with the practice of “breathing in God and exhaling self”? With that in mind, here’s an exercise:

Breathe in God, but slowly “blow” out the Holy Spirit into the space around you. I call it my “Love bubble”! Like the white light of the logo circle surrounding the black dot with the words inside (me with the Holy Spirit!), the logo is also a visual/mental image to take the present reality of being joined to Christ, abiding and walking along with Him. It keeps me form rushing ahead in life where I end up doing things in my own power. I must stay with Him, because apart from Him, I can do nothing! John 15:5

As a saint once said, “You are the breath of God: God is right now breathing you.”

All scripture is God breathed (2Tim. 3:16) – the same power of God breathing into Creation. The Word shapes and nurtures us into all God is forming us to be. That’s why it is imperative to Get It In Your Soul! Then we can live out the Word into the lives of others.

Next time in your quiet time with the Lord, may you begin to experience new levels of wholeness and the peace that passes all understanding as you practice this breath prayer and the metaphor of the Get It In Your Soul logo.

[1] Grenz, Stanley J. Theology for the Community of God. Nashville: Wm. B Erdmans Publishing Co., 2000.

[2]Robert Mulholland, Jr. Shaped by the Word. Nashville: Upper Room Books, 2000, p.35.

Read about the “it” in Get It In Your Soul.

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  1. Beautiful article, I love the exercise of breathing in God and slowly breath out the Holy Spirit into the space around me.

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