The Mind and Our Self-Talk


The Mind and our Self-Talk

speak biblical affirmations and quotesThe resulting words from our mouth are so powerful. Our casual thoughts and common use of words without any regard to their effect in our life is something that intrigues me and inspires me to know more and help others with their awareness of this life-determining tool. I was reminded in James 3:5-6 and Matt. 12:34 about being diligent and responsible in what comes out of mine, Luke 6:45. It’s an amazing thing to think about that on judgment day, I will be held accountable for every word I’ve spoken, Matt. 12:37!

Affirmations for today:

Life Application:
Am I being mindful of my self-talk and the tone of the words coming out of my mouth?
They are responsible for setting the course of my entire life!!!

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